Every day choose me, say "I love you", "I am part of you", "your love makes us free", "I will choose you", "we proclaim our chooses", "father you are the light, the certainty, the most precious thing, the eternal being, our purpose", "you makes us forever yours", "I eternally desire you and am your child", "you are the eternal father", "I choose and love you", "give me the knowledge", "I choose you in the love every day", "I want to shine for you and in you", "you are the wisdom", "you posses every part of me", "you make me shining for being your forever", "you want that I choose you and that I proclaim you", "only you are important", "give to me the life and reason of being, of being your", "you are here", "you insistently operate in my life and make me shining in the light", "you are the most important thought", "you let me live and know, and without you I could not think". 
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Above all love
A hidden inheritance
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